By Carissa Cabán-Alemán, M.D.

In the last few months, most of us have felt the impact of the pandemic in some way. As a community psychiatrist and university professor, I have seen how the consequences of this public health crisis can be harsher and more impactful on the lives of…

Jeffrey Mitchell, President South Florida AFL-CIO

American workers banded together to demand higher wages beginning with the Boston ship carpenters in 1675.

With the forming of the American Federation of Labor (AFL) in 1886, the labor movement promoted the idea of a general “living wage” which would enable all workers…

Prof. Retirada Carmen G. May-Negrón

Recientemente un grupo de teólogos, activistas y miembros del clero católico publicaron una carta urgiéndonos a los feligreses a votar en contra de Trump. …

FLIC Votes

FLIC Votes is a 501C4 non-partisan organization that advocates for immigrant rights in the state of Florida.

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